LIFE+ PERHT project started in Treviso, 1st October 2012           

Parking resources and services are an indispensable component of private mobility but do have relevant impacts on urban conditions (attraction of cars in the inner centre areas, congestions and queues due to parking search,  pollution, etc.). On the other hand, when operated in a clever and coordinated manner parking services become more and more a strategic tool for the integrated management of mobility, with operational relations with e.g. pedestrianised areas, Access Control Zones, Park + Ride services, etc.

PERHT (Parking Green Services for Better Environment in Historic Towns) is a mobility innovation project part-funded under the EC LIFE+ Program and due to start in Treviso on 1st October 2012. Over a period of three years, it will implement, pilot and validate a number of innovative parking schemes and associated measures aimed at turning parking resources and services into a key asset (infrastructural, technical, economic) for the achievement of a greener mobility.

The view pursued in PERHT is to turn each parking facility of the local parking system (selected groups of on-street parking lots and parkhouses) into a “hub for green urban mobility” providing facilities and services that will enable achieving a number of strategic objectives, including:

  1. reduce the impacts of car traffic by improved management of parking services and implementation of flexible parking schemes as an instrument to support sustainable mobility policy objectives;
  2. provide efficient integration of parking services with public transport and other collective mobility services;
  3. encourage and support citizens and travellers to shift from car to a number of alternative, attractive individual and collective sustainable mobility services;
  4. reduce the impacts of commercial traffic (city goods distribution) by providing dedicated parking facilities (e.g. freight load/unload areas with dynamic reservation, micro-hub services, etc.) for last mile operations and better integration of city logistics in the overall urban mobility management scheme.
  5. promote and incentivate the take up of electric mobility for both people and goods.

PERHT is coordinated by ACTT, Treviso Public Transport company operating also the urban parking system, and involves the Municipality of Treviso, Softeco, as a supplier of ICT and tecnological solutions for the implementation and operation of the planned services and the engineering company Memex. The European Association of Historic Towns and Regions (EAHTR) based in UK, will ensure dissemination of results through a very large network of over thousand European historic towns.