Bring to the world of aerial inspections a completely automated system, which allows the post production of thermographic, multispectral and visual analyzes to be reduced to a minimum and allow technicians to carry out results evaluations without having to conduct long and complex data extraction and interpretation activities . This is the important result that Softeco has achieved by developing the proprietary PV Inspector software for the Sundrone startup, used exclusively by the company for maintenance and inspection of large photovoltaic plants.

Strategic acquisition to increase skills

Precisely to increase its technological specialization in the sector of intelligent plant management, Softeco has completed an extraordinary operation going up (with the acquisition of an additional 19% of the shares) to 59% of the share capital of Sundrone Srl, a company born in the industrial center of Nera Montoro in Umbria, where the TerniEnergia parent company operates. Thanks to this strategic acquisition, Softeco will be able to verticalise its activity in the asset management and operation and manteinance sectors, integrating the software technology developed in its laboratories with the IaaS (Inspection as a Service) solutions offered by Sundrone on the market.

A very significant track record of experiences

Softeco and Sundrone, in fact, will be able to propose to an emerging market such as aerial inspections with drones, the results achieved in recent months, where it was possible to experience PV Inspector on a portfolio of plants managed by TerniEnergia and which counts, altogether well 283 MW of solar energy production plants, on its own account and for third parties also at international level.

The advantages of PV Inspector and inspections with drones

PV Inspector, integrating with remote piloted aerial systems and with hi-tech sensors for visual, thermographic and multispectral detection, allows surveying and inspections on large photovoltaic systems, reducing data capture and processing times. The fully automated imaging analysis software solution – in fact – provides digital data that already highlights the criticality of the plants, such as hotspots, malfunctioning or underperforming panels and strings, or efficiency losses. The service, which can also be carried out on problematic and urbanized areas, allows the prevention and detection of plant failures, increasing the economic efficiency of O&M services, the financial performance of the same plants and reducing the time required to carry out operations .

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