Energy bill is a major cost item for each company.

Softeco has created specific solutions to help its customers in the area of energy efficiency and control of energy costs.
For a long time active in the areas of plant monitoring and control and a leader in the energy market, Softeco Sismat is engaged in the design and marketing of ESOS (Energy Smart Optimization System) designed to allow real-time monitoring, control and technical management and administrative multi-source energy consumption (Electricity, GAS and Water) and the relative costs of a complex system (eg residential or commercial / industrial sites) including loads of different nature, generation (RES, CHP, CHCP, etc. .) and accumulation.

With regard to cost control, Softeco has instead designed and proposed its own EDM (Energy Data Manager) solution, a system for billing control and the simulation of economic scenarios for the purchase of energy.

In particular, EDM manages:
• The administrative / informative process for the Energy Manager in a structured and organized way, allowing a considerable saving of time
• Billing control, covering all the different contractual cases and the continuous regulatory changes
• Consumption data from different sites
• The simulation of the economic scenario, based on the different types of contracts offered by suppliers, on the basis of technical indicators (ITEC, …), on consumption forecasts, on historical data, on different time periods, etc.
• Consumption forecasting to minimize imbalance risks
• Budgeting and reporting on energy

The binomial ESOS/EDM, which is born in their natural integration, therefore guarantees a global energy vision within a single building / plant or a structured (multi-site) structure.

Main objectives of the binomial ESOS/EDM are:
• Monitoring in real time of energy consumption and of the generations (where applicable) of the plant / structure
• Get full knowledge of how much and how it is consumed;
• Correlate consumption and corresponding costs
• Make energy balances and identify plant waste and/or inefficiencies
• Support for the management of the supply of energy carriers (eg through billing control)
• Implementation of consumptio /cost optimization policies through command management in the field (automatic and not)
• Decision support for the optimization of energy consumption, through “efficiency improvement” actions and/or energy savings, with consequent optimization/reduction of the associated costs
• Manage supply contracts and support the optimization of procurement policies on the liberalized energy market (eg through simulations, scenario comparisons, etc.)

ESOS and EDM are continuously evolving day after day, making use of the results brought by Softeco Sismat’s Research and Development area and the collaboration with the University of Genoa.