Softeco Sismat collaborates with important partners in the development of sophisticated systems for the reliability and maintenance problems integrated management. These systems are generally divided into two categories, “ground” and “on board”, and Softeco Sismat is able to effectively operate on both.

Softeco Sismat is therefore a global supplier, being responsible for all development and implementation phases.

Ground systems:

These systems receive, filter and  aggregate messages generated by the on-board equipments, to build up the diagnostic databases for heterogeneous fleets.

The stored information are available for use in CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management Systems) and for processing by “expert systems”, able to support operators in managing preventive maintenance and optimized control of both road and rail vehicles.

In this context Softeco Sismat has a direct great expertise of:

  • Development, analysis and design of semi-automatic systems that can implement the Condition Based Maintenance
  • Development, analysis and design of enterprise software systems that optimize the life cycle cost of the vehicle, reducing its cost of ownership
  • Development and design of fleets diagnostic monitoring software systems. By real-time analysis of the key systems status, software solutions developed by Softeco Sismat are able to issue automatic work orders to maintenance centers, allowing a drastic reduction in maintenance time
  • Design and supply of the related hardware and networking  infrastructure
  • Support at the installation site with highly qualified personnel On-Board systems:
On-board systems

For these systems Softeco Sismat develops the firmware for the communication channel management (eg GPRS) dedicated to the ground server communication, recovering the diagnostic state of vehicle, through interfacing with the board bus (eg MVB, CAN), and his geographical position.

Softeco Sismat can assist the customer in the selection and supply of commercial components best suited to his needs and is also able to design, develop and supply specific and exclusive use components.