On board systems

Railways On Board System support the driver in the train running control, report any anomalies and manage the communication with protection, localization and convoy diagnostic systems.

Softeco Sismat has acquired particular experience on:

  • Design and development for “At target stop” software
  • ATO/ATP/ATC Software design and development
  • SCMT Software design and development


Ground Systems

Ground systems manage and control the railway line data transmission and perform diagnostics of the line components.

Softeco Sismat has acquired particular experience on design and development of:

  • ENCODER telegrams configuration software
  • Thermal Room Boe and LEU operation and verification software


Supervision Systems

Supervision Systems help ground operators to monitor railway lines engagement, the transit of trains and their routing, with particular attention to the specific railway signaling rules and logical characteristics.

Softeco Sismat has acquired particular experience on design and development of:

  • Logic editors and exercisers for ACS platforms operators
  • Automatic Train Describer Panels generation
  • High speed lines (RBC) scheduled events reproduction
  • RBC environments simulation software
  • SSB environments firmware and simulation software
  • Ground systems GSMR data transmission environments simulation software
  • Diagnostic tools
  • SCMT/ERTMS components system


Metro systems

A special case of the railway on-board and ground systems is the development of specific systems for Metro.

These, in fact, combine the typical problems of trains with underground lines peculiarities, such as smaller lengths, the need to stop at the target and reversals on small trunks (terminus).

Given the underground lines characteristics, on-board and ground systems can be pushed up to driverless or driver assistant automation and driving.

Softeco Sismat has acquired particular experience on analysis and development of software for:

  • ATO/ATP/ATC on board systems
  • On board systems for No conductor light metro rail
  • “At target stop” function
  • Terminus automatic reversal
  • On safety control system and ground-train data interfacing