Softeco Sismat has developed several solutions for the management of taxi services :

TMdirect – Direct Contact System

Through the IVR system, the customer’s call is diverted directly to the  mobile phone of the taxi driver that will serve the race. The driver is automatically chosen by the races allocation algorithm selected. The customer is then put in direct contact with the driver , in order to give the details of the request.

The system can also provide the driver with a smartphone  application that manage the race’s acceptance and the access to the parking areas. With this option the direct phone contact with the customer is avoided : the customer register his request on the IVR system and will receive real-time notification of appointment , with full references of the taxi on the way.

TMmulti – Multiple Reservation System

The system allows users to book a taxi ride and to share the vehicle with other users accessing the same service and that have compatible travel requestes. This tool allows to organize a transport service that mix taxi service features with those of local public transport. In this way taxis can be used to support the normal public transport service.

TMmulti can also be activated as an extension of TMdirect.

Softeco Sismat has also developed advanced technology platforms for the management of traditional radio-taxi services call centers.

The main functions available are:

  • Multi-operator Center Management
  • Multi-channel (phone, web, IVR, SMS) requests/bookings management
  • Highly configurable assignment algorithms
  • Maximum dispatching speed
  • Management of appointments notifications (SMS and/or eMail)
  • Realtime and off-line fleet monitoring
  • Security alarm management with localization and environmental listening