Critical Infrastructures – ie the technological networks and the transport of energy products, arteries for road and rail communications, airports and routes for the mobility and transport of goods, etc. – together with other strategic assets (energy production plants, production plants for hazardous materials, etc.) define a set of resources towards which to direct actions aimed at safeguarding their integrity, so that they are able to provide continuity and efficiency services and products necessary for citizens and the country.

The protection of such systems must necessarily be aimed at countering all the potential dangers that threaten them and regard both their “physical” integrity (destruction or damage from natural events or even as a result of attacks etc.) and the “cyber” one, to say the loss of control of such systems.

Softeco, thanks to its specific expertise regarding plant supervision, has implemented solutions for the supervision of “National Critical Infrastructure”.

As regards the supervision of the Territory, we have created an innovative end-to-end service (GeoGuard) for the precise and continuous Geodetic and Environmental monitoring of critical infrastructures and natural risks.

GeoGuard has been designed to face and respond to the social and industrial challenges represented by the safety of critical infrastructures and the prevention of natural risks and their control in particular in the following areas:

  • Transport, such as bridges, airports, ports and railways;
  • Water distribution, such as water tanks and pipelines;
  • Telecommunication infrastructures, such as data transmission, mobile communications and broadcasting;
  • Defense, as systems and infrastructures for radio and radar transmissions;
  • Energy, such as dams for hydroelectric power plants, high voltage pylons, wind farms;
  • Transportation and storage of hydrocarbons;
  • Cultural heritage and stadiums.

The GeoGuard service is provided by the Softeco and GReD companies through a collaboration program, which aims to design, implement and manage solutions for the continuous monitoring of critical infrastructures and natural risks. The quality and continuity of the service is guaranteed by:

  • the skills and assets of GReD that reside in scientific knowledge related to geodesy and geomatics, in modeling in GNSS and in the development of algorithms and systems for data analysis;
  • the Softeco skills and assets that reside in the design and engineering of hardware, telecommunication systems and ICT services managed for large companies.