Through its HMI (Human Machine Interface) interfaces, Softeco offers solutions that provide control room operators instruments in line with operational requirements and able to facilitate processes management.

In our products development particular attention was given to:

  • usability aspects: the attention in adherence to the ISO9241 standard ensures remarkable ease of use
  • scalability in case of potentialities increase
  • total independence from the hardware used, both for visualization that for remote control

The experiences that qualify GUIs made by Softeco relate to large and complex projects, such as:

  • National Electricity Transmission Network remote control
  • Electricity distribution networks remote monitoring
  • Integrated water cycle
  • Traffic monitoring
  • Building automation
  • Substation automation
  • Industrial automation

The multiple applications developed, from mission-critical real-time processes to those non real-time, have enhanced over time the knowledge of technology and allowed to consolidate experiences in many industrial areas and enabled us to implement complex architectures, with articulated representations of localized or distributed processes, on regional and national level.