Softeco solutions adopt the latest international standards, in order to ensure maximum openness and interoperability. This approach allows to provide solutions for new plants construction, for existing systems revamping or integration or being expanded and updated.

The high interoperability requested for the management of products of different vendors and systems of different operators, has imposed the adoption, in all the developed solutions, of communication and data exchange standards, conforming to those defined by the international institutions for intelligent networks management.

For this reason, Softeco has always considered necessary to develop its systems according to the standards that regulate the controlled processes. The need is, in fact, to have immediate and direct connections to the various field control, protections and RTU devices. Support for protocols such as IEC 60870-101, 60870-103, 60870-104, 61850, IEEE C37.118 and serial and TCP/IP Modbus (RTU/ASCII), Profibus ensure flexibility of use and integration between heterogeneous systems that control complex or interconnected processes.

As an example we can consider the electricity sector, in which the IEC 61850 protocol, which has become the de facto standard, allows our systems to communicate with all protection, automation and monitoring systems, representing an universally recognized and experienced interoperability basis. The protocol family thus guarantees complete control, sequences of action of the control devices storing and monitoring, integrated with standard IEC 61131 methods of logic programming.

In particular, the communications standard for the electricity sector are the result of a long and deep experience gained in the implementation of control systems for the National Electricity Transmission Grid manager, Terna SpA, and the long working relationship with Enel Distribuzione..