An important strength of Softeco is the Agile Development methodology know-how, that the company offers to its customers.

In Agile development methodology  the the classic waterfall is replaced with a more modern and interactive way, based on Lean and Agile framework, with precise milestones, that Softeco agrees to comply.

The use of this methodology is particularly advantageous as it is not totally predictive  but rather adaptive, which favors the solution to the classic problems which emerge from a waterfall management:

  • Lack of management of requirements changes
  • Miscommunication
  • Not well defined requirements
  • Inaccurate estimates
  • Lack of a risks management plan
  • Bad definition of what the word “DONE” means

The goal that Softeco aims to achieve with the customer, is always the overall  value maximization  of the product that has been, is going to be or will be made.

Softeco provides the customer with Scrums Master (Certificates) in order to include this Methodology in the company that Softeco will help. We can claim that the results obtained by the internal working groups with the use of Agile Methodology are excellent.