Softeco participates in the seminar “TOWARDS A MORE RESILIENT CITIES. INNOVATION FOR LAND MANAGEMENT: SCARPINO 3.0” Thursday, June 30, 2016, at the Teatro Carlo Felice – Auditorium Montale.

The seminar promoted by AMIUSMARTLAB (the “R & D laboratory” AMIU) intends to present the solutions applied by AMIU on one of the historically critical points of the city of Genoa – the Scarpino landfill – than those who have a number of elements of interest and studio for anyone to deal with the management of such a complex sites.
During the seminar Softeco Sismat will participate with two speeches:

  • Predictive neural systems for the management of the storage  in storage tanks
  • SMID system for the overall monitoring of the Scarpino landfill through the integration of all measuring systems present


In particular, the project SMID (“Landfill Monitoring Information System”), designed to ensure operational control and supervision of the operations that take place in Scarpino landfill, allows the implementation of the monitoring plan and control and management of the possible situations emergency according to the “Scarpino emergency procedure” and aims to identify, on the basis of the detected monitoring parameters, actions to avoid or mitigate the impacts and negative externalities.

The project is based on Softeco Sismat Adverto Dump platform, which makes available a number of specialized interfaces to monitor in real time all the data characterizing the state of the landfill. On the basis of configurable workflow for the management of emergency or alarm states and simulation functions of the leachate level in relation to the expected rainfall data provided by ARPAL, Adverto Dump constitutes the support tool necessary to manage the possible critical of the landfill and prevent emergency situations.

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