To celebrate its 10 years of existence, NE Nomisma Energia has decided to increase its commitment to the dissemination of a culture of energy, creating NEXT – The energy of ideas, an in-depth platform, debate and exchange of experiences and ideas focused on energy and environmental issues.

The event, held in Bologna December 16, 2016 at 10 am, at the Hotel Carlton, Via Montebello 8 (200m from AV) station, will also take part the president and CEO of TerniEnergia, Stefano Neri, who will be among the speakers thematic session 2: “the balance between demand, supply and climate (scheduled at 12:15 to 13:15), to explore the theme “renewable energy: the search for the maturation and liberation from public subsidies” with Enel Green Power and AEEGSI.

NEXT it was projected by NE Nomisma Energia to create a new space in which market players, institutions, NGOs, universities and research centers can communicate openly, share opinions, experiences and ideas. NEXT has the ambition to be a collective enrichment container, in which the vision can have full appreciation in comparison with others.
And on the occasion of the 10th birthday of NE Nomisma Energia, the change has been chosen as the theme on which will focus the first edition of NEXT.
The change is the constant and inevitable change that identifies itself as the dominant factor in society today. No decision should be taken without considering not only the world as it is, but also the world as will “(Isaac Asimov)

NEXT it is not a convention. NEXT aims to undo the classic distance between panellists and participants that the conference structure, and create a temporary habitat where ideas flow freely, making energy and environmental sources of inspiration for the society and entrepreneurship .
NEXT it is structured into thematic depth sessions running in parallel: a rapid and inclusive format, which allows you to create dialogue between practitioners and experts with the audience. The aim is to join the points and see the design as a whole.