Among the main factors that will affect the future dynamics of the Mobile Content and Internet market, there is the rise of new offer paradigms related to user localization, the so-called Mobile Location Based Service (LBS). These services integrate the localization functionality of cellular and satellite network, with multiple sources and databases information, and are therefore able to seek and provide “geo-information”, which take into account the user’s geographic location detected by the mobile device used. Applications include navigation (vehicle and pedestrian), social networks, personal security, search for restaurants or shops, games, corporate services of various types.

The Mobile LBS market segment has always shown significant potential, but its explosion was not at all instantaneous. For several years  localization services represented only a recurring idea, but without a real offer. Overcoming the barriers that have slowed the spread, for example the inadequacy of the mobile devices that did not had adequate features, has enabled conditions that triggered the market and encouraged the spread of this type of services. Sales of mobile devices equipped with GPS systems and advanced features are increasingly growing, the portable personal navigation market (PND) has exploded, mobile Internet with affordable navigation charges is spreading, and the interest shown by all categories of chain’s players is growing.

Since many years Softeco exploits the localization systems offered by new generation terminals for the development of industrial applications, in particular for the national electricity distribution network supervisory systems.

The company, thanks to its dedicated structure for applications and mobile technologies, has developed for years LBS applications for mobile devices in business critical environments.

Among the various applications we can mention the monitoring of power states of network components, in particular the status of secondary substations and its impact on the connected users.

Other LBS applications developed by Softeco are in the areas of public and private transport, navigation systems, goods traceability, assets management, public information systems, augmented reality systems.