The 19th Power Systems Computation Conference (PSCC 2016, from 20th to 24th June 2016, ) opens today in Genova, Italy, and Softeco Sismat is proud to be among the sponsors of the event.

The Power Systems Computation Conference (PSCC) was the outcome of the needs, interests and of almost natural steps seen by academics, power system planners and operators, as well as engineers dealing with computers in the power system area. The first PSCC, which can be called a conference, took place in London in 1963 and subsequent conferences followed at three year intervals. Recently it has been decided to organize the Conference every two years. The five latest conferences were held in Wroclaw (PSCC 2014), Stockholm (PSCC 2011), Glasgow (PSCC 2008), Liège (PSCC 2005) and Sevilla (PSCC 2002).

PSCC addresses theoretical developments and computational aspects with respect to power systems applications. The Conference gives to the international forum of researchers and power system engineers a great opportunity to exchange knowledge and experiences on the latest developments in the field. There is an emphasis on modelling and simulation for understanding a system of components, plants or actors, the interactions between them and their collective behavior, and methods to inform decision-making in power systems. Both theoretical developments as well as practical applications in the utility and manufacturing industries are addressed.

More informations and the complete program on the event site :