Scheduled testing of innovative solutions at Firenze metropolitan area in partnernship with BusItalia (Gruppo Ferrovie dello Stato)

Sismat, the digital subsidiary within the Ternienergia Goup, will lead the project “Inclusion” for a more accessible and inclusive mobility, fully funded by the European Union through INEA, the European Agency for Innovation and Networks.

The three-year project will receive a total EU Horizon 2020 grant equal to 2.9 million Euro, involving 13 partners from 7 EU countries, including universities and research centres, industries and consulting companies in the area of transport innovation and technologies, primary public and private transport operators, European stakeholders’ associations including EMTA, the European Metropolitan Transport Authority and POLIS, the European Network of Cities and Regions Cooperating for Innovative Transport. The “Inclusion” project (Towards more accessIble and iNCLUSIve mObility solutions for EuropeaN prioritised areas) will investigate and develop innovative solutions to improve transport accessibility and inclusiveness addressing prioritised areas at the hart of European social policies. Coordinated by Softeco, the project will develop new solutions for a more accessible and equitable mobility, new models, solutions and technologies that will be experimented in several areas in Belgium, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Spain and United Kingdom.

Being appointed as the coordination of the “Inclusion” consortium and project is a confirmation of the leading role of Softeco in the world of transport innovation and solutions for smart mobility, intelligent and sustainable transport. The EU recognition is also in line with the target of TerniEnergia Group to carry out a strategic repositioning, focusing on the most value-added business opportunities in the field of smart services and solutions applied to the energy efficiency sector, electrical power both in mobility applications and assets management and in the field of intelligent systems for the use of natural resources.

The project will enable Softeco to consolidate and further enhance their current portfolio of solutions for Demand Responsive Transport, intermodal and shared mobility with new advanced options even more able to meet the evolving primary needs of mobility services market. Beside coordinating the project and the demonstrations planned in the various involved European areas, Softeco will be in charge of developing a demonstration at Firenze metropolitan area in collaboration with the project partner BusItalia Srl, a primary public transport company wholly owned by Gruppo Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane, operating public transport services in Florence area and in other regions in Italy.