Consolidate an important competitive advantage and further develop the supply capacity in ICT technologies and as-a-service solutions for sustainable mobility. This is the goal of Softeco, the digital company of the TerniEnergia Group, at the helm of the IMOVE research project (Unlocking Large-Scale Access to Combined Mobility through the European MaaS Network), co-funded under the EU Horizon 2020 program and aimed at testing and validating the Mobility-as-a-Service (Maas) model, through pilot projects in different European cities and regions.

In fact, Softeco plays the role of coordinator of a consortium of 14 partners from 8 European countries, including leading research institutions, the cities of Berlin, Gothenburg, Manchester and Turin, UITP, the International Association of Authorities and Operators of Public Transport.

The project initiative was presented in the framework of “Future Mobility Week”, scheduled in Turin on 3 and 4 October, during the leading event in Italy, to tell the mobility of the future, constantly evolving, and put in contact all the operators in the supply chain, involving the most attentive audience in the sector.

In addition to confirming the qualities of leading European player for research and innovation in the sustainable mobility sector, Softeco, thanks to IMOVE, will be able to impose its presence in the Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS), which represents an emerging model of supply services for smart, personalized and sustainable mobility, in which the transport offer for the citizen integrates different operators and service providers, public and private, collective and individual services, sustainable methods such as shared mobility and mobility electricity. The service is offered in the form of “mobility packages” customized and adapted to the needs of travel, usable according to different models – from the flat subscription, to the service booklet, to the pay-per-use – depending on the needs and interests of the users. The IMOVE project is part of a market segment in which the company already boasts an articulated proposal of solutions and an area of ​​growing interest for mobility operators and administrations involved in the development of solutions for the smart city.

The project has a total cost of about 3.7 million euros entirely financed by the European Union. The loan granted by the EU to Softeco is € 0.9 million.