CEO Laura Bizzarri illustrates the new positioning of Softeco following the merger with TerniEnergia in 2016.

Softeco, after the acquisition by the TerniEnergia group in 2016, is going through a period of revolution and repositioning with respect to what was its tradition, combining IT consulting and experience related to the world of information technology and of digital skills also that ability to respond in a more timely manner to the needs of new markets.
These new markets substantially refer to three thematic macro-categories. One is the world of Digital Energy: Softeco was founded as an IT company, with great expertise in the energy world and in the defense systems of the national network. Together with what is the ability of TerniEnergia to build plants from renewable sources has managed to position itself effectively in this emerging market.
As well as, thanks to its activity in the world of Sustainable Mobility, it is able to offer its customers, its stakeholders, Smart City solutions, sustainable and liveable cities for all citizens.