The chairman of TerniEnergia and Softeco, Stefano Neri, has entrusted a speech hosted on the website of the parent company some reflections on the future of the energy sector and on the contents of the Plan for the recovery and relaunch of the Group, which is based – among other strategic choices – on the future merger between the two companies.

“The Recovery and relaunch plan – says among other things Mr Neri – is the expression of a conscious strategic choice, driving force of change. The strategic choice of TerniEnergia, which began with the acquisition of Softeco Sismat, with which the merger is expected, takes into account all this and the value that a medium-sized Italian company can add with its over two hundred and fifty specialized technicians with a history of innovation that continues. In particular, by bringing together Softeco’s IT skills and TerniEnergia’s energy competences”.

It is, therefore, a vision that holds together the transformation of the Group’s business (from a player active in the “renewable utilities” sector to a new operator in the dynamic and competitive “IT solutions” segment) with the most recent developments in the energy sector, struggling with a transition to a new mix of sources but also towards a pervasive entry of the digital sector along the entire value chain.

“The rapid development of digital energy is one of the few certainties that can be identified at the moment in the electricity sector – continues Neri – The energy transition has involved and still involves profound and rapid changes. From this uncertainty, which today allows us to glimpse the “coexistence” of different energy sources, derives a greater attention to what already exists and which involves lower investments and risks. In particular, I am referring to the networks, whose load and use prospects are unprecedented, as well as the protagonism of the users. The latter will determine new objective functions of the energy system”.

In this context, therefore, the intelligence of the networks and of all the components of the energy system assumes a pervasive role of primary importance. Sensors, software, data processing, IoTs are no longer something outside the energy sector. Even in this problematic perspective, the role of IT is fundamental and growing. This is true even if we consider the difficulties and the time needed to coordinate the local balance (of the energy community) with the needs, so far essential, of the existing hierarchical system.

“The growth of an IT sector specialized in energy – concludes the Chairman of TerniEnergia and Softeco – is not linked to the future improvement of what we call energy transition, smart grid, smart city, smart mobility, etc.., but is now an imperative need of the present, in any case.

This is why Softeco will play a central and decisive role in the Group Plan. In fact, it will be the evolution of the company – within a listed Group and with prospects for a strong relaunch – that will be the pivot of this transformation. A pivot role that will allow the company to maximise its more than 30 years of experience in the digital sector and to see the birth of a new innovative operator, oriented towards satisfying the growing needs of the electricity market, naturally leading to partnerships and collaborations with the major incumbents and with the most advanced players, characterized by a dynamic and resilient identity and with sustainability and attention to efficiency in its DNA.