Softeco will be present at the 25th ITS World Congress September 17-21 in Copenhagen with a speech on Mobility as a service (MaaS): “Implementation of MAAS Pilots in Europe: State of the art ance expected impacts”.

A new wave of projects funded by the European Commission is deploying Mobility-asa-
Service (MaaS) in several pilots across Europe and is creating proof of concept to accelerate the adoption of new behaviour and approach to business towards MaaS.
Core to this approach are the recent H2020 projects MyCorridor, IMOVE and MaaS4EU aiming at combining efforts to maximise impact and harmonise results. 2018 is the European year of Multimodality with major advances foreseen such as new regulations on multimodal passenger rights and data. How are MaaS pilots and projects aligned with new regulations and how is regulation taking into account results from field trials?

This session will provide an overview from the European Commission on the regulatory framework around deployment of multimodality, it will share advancement made in the three MaaS projects funded by the EC and update on initiatives of members of the MaaS Alliance.


  • Monica Giannini, ERTICO – ITS Europe, Belgium


  • Guido Di Pasquale, International Organisation of Public Transport – UITP, Belgium


  • Georgios Sarros, INEA, Belgium
  • Roberto Palacin, Newcastle University, United Kingdom
  • Marco Boero, Softeco, Italy
  • Akrivi Vivian Kiousi, Intrasoft International, Greece
  • Piia Karjalainen, ERTICO – ITS Europe, Belgium