As part of the workshop “HORIZON 2030 (and beyond): Technologies at the Center of the Energy Transition” (Rome, 6 December 2017, Headquarters Confindustria) organized by Ricerca Sistema Elettrico ( and ETIP SNET (, Ing. Stefano Bianchi (coordinator of projects on ANASTACIA – and PODCAST – will speak at the round table “DIALOGUE WITH STAKEHOLDERS FOR SETTING UP THE EUROPEAN VISION FOR ENERGY NETWORKS” on the topic ICT cybersecurity in the perspective view of modern European electricity network.

This session will gather representatives of different stakeholders and experts in a guided dialogue to the identification of the founding pillars of the vision for the European energy networks of the future decades.
The dialogue will move from the key messages of ETP2017 and the initial findings within the ETIP SNET Vision Team and will engage stakeholders to discuss and converge on recommendations for the Vision drafting.
Discussants from IEA, ETIP and major stakeholders will interact among them and with the public.
A live web-based polling system will be used to gather the views of stakeholders on the building blocks of the European energy networks of the next decades