A paradigm shift in the management and supply of utilities services is now at the door. The distribution, management and use of electricity, gas, water and waste will change profoundly thanks to the affirmation of new digital technologies, taking off a real Internet of Energy, which would promote decentralization and greater exchange between Prosumers (consumers and energy producers) and businesses. A system in which devices, digital meters and connected instruments, through the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence, are able to communicate and optimize the system. The conscious analysis of Big Data will also allow us to design new products and customize the services offered on the basis of the needs of individual customers, which will be increasingly important in defining new strategies.

This new revolution in services and industrial automation will be discussed on 11 May 2018 at the CoffeeTech of Confindustria Genova, which hosts Gianni Viano, R & D Digital Energy manager of Softeco.

The appointment in Genoa is in Via San Vincenzo 2 starting at 8.00, in the Council Room on the sixth floor.

The event can be followed in live streaming, by connecting to the Facebbok page of Coffetech Confindustria Genova clicking here.

Participation is free and free but confirmation of participation is required (tel.010 / 8338475 – 426 – eventi@confindustria.ge.it).