On 9-10 October the Richmond Energy Business Forum was held in Rimini – an appointment focused on the thrusts that invest the world of energy – in which Softeco participated with its proposals on the subject of Energy Efficiency.
Michele Palanza – sales engineer for Softeco – present at the event he told us about his experience:

What are your impressions of the Richmond Energy Business Forum?
It is a very interesting event: a two-day marathon in which we have been able to show our skills and potential, in terms of products and solutions, of listening aimed at intercepting the needs of each potential customer and effectiveness of communication through meetings of 15 or 30 minutes.

With which proposals did Softeco present itself?
We have tended to present the energy core of Softeco which includes the solutions for energy efficiency: from the energy analysis carried out by EGE to hardware and software tools for measuring consumption, the BEMS platform (Building Energy Management System) for the control of technological systems, the Energy Retail suite for the billing and billing of electricity and gas, the TENEO software, the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of assets and Libra, the platform for the management of new services on MSDs through Mixed Enabled Virtual Units ( UVAM) at the service of the BSP (Balancing Service Provider).

How was the comparison with the companies present?
The diversity between the various companies has allowed us to measure all our solutions; we have in fact met industries, hospital clinics, large-scale retail companies, the textile and clothing sector. Just to name a few we had the pleasure of dealing with realities like Eurospin, Geox, Diesel, Cremonini group, Autostrade per l’Italia, etc.
I would like to conclude by thanking the organizers of the Energy Business Forum for their excellent organization and great availability.

An experience therefore that of the Richmond Energy Business Forum that ends with a positive balance for Softeco, which will follow many others over the next few months.