Tuesday, May 16, 2017 Softeco Sismat will host, as Coordinator, the kick-off meeting of the PODCAST Project (“Distributing Optimization Platform by Using Data from Electronic Counters and Distributed Accumulation Systems”).

The project will develop innovative operational tools for the exploitation of distribution network monitoring data (in particular smart metering and state estimation with direct and pseudomisure measures) for the provision of dedicated DSO (Distribution System Operator) , Transmission System Operators (TSOs) and PLA (Production and Load Aggregator).

PODCAST will utilize state-of-the-art measurement and data technology, focusing on value-added functionality provided by modeling and analyzing data from electronic counters based on management and control strategies for available and Demand Side Management (DSM) policies.

The project will extend the scientific and technical results of the SmartGen project (www.smartgen.it) by designing three distinct functional modules dedicated to the DSO, TSO and PLA, starting with the Distribution Management System (DMS) prototype. Side by side (DSO) and anticipate (TSO, PLA) their respective operating policies, respecting the feasibility (technical feasibility, cost) and replicability (industry needs assessment) of the proposed solutions.

The consortium, co-ordinated by Softeco Sismat, includes industrial partners (TOSHIBA, s.d.i.industrial automation), Academic partners (University of Genoa, University of Bologna) and DSO AMAIE (Multiutility of the City of Sanremo). It will provide immediate technical / implementation support for the implementation, validation and exploitation of project results. PODCAST will use the Sanremo MT / BT distribution network managed by AMAIE (already equipped with SmartGen DMS) where it will install the accumulation devices and functional modules developed and the system testing and validation in its globality.

The PODCAST project is funded by the Cassa per i Servizi Energetici e Ambientali (CSEA: www.csea.it) in the field of System Research (RdS: www.ricercadisistema.it), the research and development activity aimed at innovation Technical and technological services of general interest to the electricity sector to improve its economy, safety and environmental compatibility, ensuring the country has the conditions for sustainable development.


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