Project Description

power distiller

The Power Distiller meets all requirements of the AEEG resolution 421/2014 CEI 0-16 Annex M in which is specified the mandatory installation of the remote control system for separation, run by the owner of the network, for power plants with generated power equal or greater than 100 kW, to ensure the safety of the national electricity system.

Power Distiller can be connected to the protection interface with I / O wired terminals or via software protocol using the serial ports and Ethernet.

The main features are:

  • SMS reception and implementation of control actions needed to manage plant

  • Sending reporting SMS

  • Sending diagnostics SMS to check the GSM connection and the status of inputs and outputs to the Protection Interface

  • Archiving SMS sent and received

  • Management of any SMS command compliant AEEG 421/2014 CEI 0-16 Annex M

  • Event Logging

  • Capture digital signals

  • Send digital controls

  • Hardwired Interface, Ethernet, RS-485

  • Management of automatic logical as for standard 61131

  • Update configuration via Web

  • Ability to manage time synchronization

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