Project Description

PERSONALBUS .net ® is the  on call public transport services management system, both for of  urban and extra-urban areas, and complement or replace traditional scheduled services with a flexible, dynamic and environmentally friendly transport system.

The system is able to create and schedule “dynamic travels” using the shortest paths to meet all the users demands. In this way buses move only where and when necessary, reducing operating costs and complying  to environmental protection guidelines to reduce traffic  and pollution.

PERSONALBUS®.net includes the following modules :


The module activate the internet booking system, allowing remote access of users to custom web pages, designed to acceptance bookings  and checking the status of requests already entered.


This module activate the booking system via auto responder with voice interaction.
User will provide the vocal answers that the system will recognize. These answers will be automatically decoded to acquire the booking  and handle requests in real time if possible (automatic operator).
The module can also be configured only for bookings acquisition, appointments notification and / or for cancellations / modifications of requests already made by customers.


The module manages booking acknowledgment SMS and / or eMail messages sending, unloading call center from acknowledgment  phone calls.
Such functionality, coordinated by the operator, can filter answers to be sent according to the state of the request  (fulfilled  or not) and to the type of communication channel (SMS or eMail).

PERSONALBUS .net Kiosk ®

This module manages multimedia kiosks that can be used for service access.
These kiosks can be used solely for information (actual transits to the desired destination) or can be interactive (online booking, see PERSONALBUS -ZTL ®)


The module enables a virtual and automatic operator that can handle requests sent by users via SMS.
Such requests, which will have a predefined format, will be automatically processed and the system will send a race confirmation SMS to the number from which the request has come.

For all reservations that do not require immediate confirmation, the PERSONALBUS .net InfoSMSeMail ® notification module can be used.


The module allows  to activate a multiplatform APP for the management of reservations. In addition to the inclusion of requests and viewing of confirmed races , the APP makes available a notification service that sends information to the customer both single or in broadcast mode (booked ride delay , service alerts, etc.).

PERSONALBUS®.net AutoPlanner

The module allows to automatically manage customers’ requests, downloading the call-center from the management and organization of the service. It is able to automatically detect the best solution to meet every received request, generating the ride without negotiation with the customer. The solutions selection algorithm uses a set of configurable parameters to allow service’s manager to determine in advance the criterion that will be used to generate rides.

The PERSONALBUS®.net AutoPlanner module can be used to handle requests coming from the various acquisition channels automatically made available by the platform (web, IVR, kiosks, SMS, APP), allowing to manage the reservation service in a complete automatic way.