Project Description


PERSONALBUS-H® is the solution for the disabled transport service management, both on call and with booking.

The introduction of flexible transport for this category of users will optimize used resources and simultaneously guarantees the highest quality of service offering to these users, able to meet both the regular mobility needs (school, work, social health commuting) and the extemporaneous ones, allowing an independent free time management and encouraging greater mobility in the area that contributes to a better social integration. The automatic and optimized races definition allowed by PERSONALBUS-H, make the service more efficient and economical.

The system is able to handle all the specific characteristics of this type of transport, which must consider the particular needs of this category of users. In addition to the automatic choice of vehicles suitable to the characteristics of the users (wheelchair place, other optional), the system considers a series of specific parameters (dwell times for the loading and unloading of the passenger, the need for the presence of accompanying people or access aids, onboard compresence constraints, etc.) which are involved in algorithmic definition of the races, modeling in an appropriate way the service