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Energy R.evolution

Softeco has developed and markets the Energy R.evolution suite.
The product is designed specifically for the free energy market and allows the management of all aspects of the procurement and sale of electricity and gas.
The Energy R.evolution suite supports all Billing and Trading illing activities in an integrated and modular manner
It allows the management of the trading, opening, control and invoicing activities of all types of electricity and gas supply contracts, expressly designed for the free market.
The system is characterized by a high degree of flexibility, which allows the management of the various formats of consumption data coming from the various Distributors, covering all the different contractual cases and incorporating the continuous regulatory changes.
The product is based on a modular architecture, which includes several interfaces that can automate the dialogue with the various players in the energy market.


The module dedicated to Trading allows you to manage the Purchase/Sale offers at the Power Exchange, in relation to Demand/Availability.
In its modular architecture, in addition to the various interfaces to the Italian Markets, it includes the functions for portfolio management (real and simulated), forecasting and a calculation engine for the composition of pricing, based on indices and formulas.

Softeco is also able to offer the Energy & Gas Retail Suite in Saas mode (Software as a service) together with specialist advice.
The EDM (Energy Data Manager) module is the solution designed for the Energy Manager, for controlling electricity expenditure and optimized management of consumption and procurement.

In particular, EDM manages:

  • The administrative/informative process for the Energy Manager in a structured and organized way, allowing a considerable saving of time
  • Billing control, covering all the different contractual cases and the continuous regulatory changes
  • Consumption data from different sites
  • The simulation of the economic scenario, based on the different types of contracts offered by suppliers, on the basis of technical indicators (ITEC, …), on consumption forecasts, on historical data, on different time periods, etc.
  • Consumption forecasting to minimize imbalance risks
  • Budgeting and reporting on energy

All modules that make up the Energy & Gas Retail suite for billing and the Energy Data Manager system can be used in “as a service” mode.
In this case, the Customer does not purchase a license to use the system, but remotely accesses a version of the system with the same functionality available on the standard platform, installed at the Softeco Sismat data center, operating as if the system were at the own seat.
In this way, the Customer does not have to worry about having an infrastructure (basic hardware and software) dedicated to the system and personnel that manages it, but benefits fully from a service regulated by an all-inclusive fee.

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