Softeco Sismat is the official sponsor of the Polis Conference 2016 ( to be held in Rotterdam on 1 and 2 December 2016.
Operating since 1989, Polis is a network of European cities and regions working together to develop innovative technologies and policies for local transport by promoting sustainable mobility through the development of innovative transport solutions.
At the annual conference, Softeco will present some of its products for sustainable mobility including the now consolidated and integration Platform e-miXer and the new product myEPPI (Enhanced Platform for Positive Incentives) developed in collaboration with the consulting firm Quaeryon and the Municipality of Genoa.



myEPPI is an innovative software solution that automates incentive schemes and positive processes in various application domains including energy efficiency and sustainable mobility.
myEPPI was developed from an analysis of the factors that most effectively elicit a change in the habits of the citizens towards sustainable choices that led to note how the incentive ‘positive’ policies represent a significant and promising complement to restrictive measures already widespread as is -in case of Transportation- with the blocking of access, the regulation of parking or road pricing.
The results of several experimental initiatives in Italy and in Europe, as the European project MoveUs make sense that the considerable potential of the positive incentive policies in relation to sustainability goals.
Mobile myEPPI, the declination of myEPPI for the mobility and transport sector has been developed thanks to the experience and the tests carried out in MoveUs project and supports:

  • the definition of sustainability objectives (eg reduction in traffic or emissions of a certain factor)
  • the definition of incentives and “rules” to achieve the goals,
  • the usability of personalized and timely information on the incentives available through which the citizen has the awareness of the benefits of a change in their habits and behaviors
  • measuring or the “behavior” of travelers checks through automated tools
  • the allocation and management of incentives and rewards.

The operational scheme and infrastructure are generalizable and it is possible to imagine a variety of possible fields of application that have as a common feature the propensity to change in habits: energy saving in general, wellness, efficient waste collection etc.
MyEPPI potential operators of the system may be institutions, associations, institutions, organizations as well as private parties (eg insurance companies) interested in encouraging and promoting certain choices for its customers. The tested subjects can become promoters of incentives in agreement and in collaboration with public bodies in a fully supported by myEPPI operational framework.

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