Energy&Gas Retail as a service

All modules that make up the Energy & Gas Retail suite billing system and the Energy Data Manager, can be used  “as a service”.

In this case the customer does not purchase a license to use the system, but have a remote access  to a version of the system installed at the Softeco Sismat data center, with the same features available in the standard platform, and can operate as if the system was at  its headquarters.

In such way  the customer need not worry about acquiring  infrastructure (hardware and basic software) and dedicate  personnel to its management, but benefits of an all-inclusive fee service.



Billing service outsourcing

Softeco Sismat, due to extensive knowledge in the energy management, is able to provide a full-service outsourcing of electricity and gas  billing process.

In such a scenario, Softeco Sismat provides the customer with a dedicated account on the Energy & Gas Retail suite installed at its data center, together with personnel with high expertise in the management of billing issues.

The customer will have to worry only to provide Softeco Sismat information for setting up  the system, such as registries and contracts and the monthly consumption, getting as output the related invoices , made available in electronic format. If required, Softeco can also manage  the mailing of bills to end customers, relying in this case to an external service.

The customer will have access to a specific web portal, through which control the evolution of the process, validate calculated invoices and get all the detailed reports. The same portal can be made available to end users, to offer an information service.

Local Distributors Flows Management Service

Softeco Sismat, thanks to a long experience in the energy data management, has settled up an highly specialized service for the management of the flows from the Local Distributors, which contain technical data, data reading and invoices, both for electricity and for gas.

The service is based on the Energy Data Management  ADT (Data Acquisition Transport) module of the Energy & Gas Retail suite. Service is provided by Softeco Sismat systems and personnel and aims to standardize and organize the flow information received from the Local Distributors.

The main tasks performed as part of the service are as follows:

  • Acquisition of data, using Local Distributors specific formats
  • Electronic processing of data, through validation and normalization processes
  • Exporting data to customer’s systems , through predefined paths

Users of the service have access to a web application for data viewing  and process monitoring.

The following figure shows a flowchart of the technological solution.




Specialized Consulting services

The long time experience into the energy sector, enables Softeco Sismat to provide specialized consulting services, either at process level or of technology recommendations , in the following areas:

  • Electricity and gas billing
  • Energy Data Management
  • Institutional bodies (AEEG, UTF, GME, …) interfacing management
  • Operations on the electricity market (Trading)