GeoGuard  is an innovative end-to-end service for precise and continuous Geodetic and Environmental monitoring of critical infrastructures and natural risks.

The installations are part of the European BRIGAID project for innovation in the fight against climate change and extreme events in Europe.

The BRIGAID project aims to work on innovation issues in strategies to adapt to climate change, with particular attention to risk from floods, droughts and extreme natural events.

The BRIGAID project is funded by the European Community with 8 million euros under the European Framework Program for Research and Innovation, known as Horizon 2020. It started in 2016 and has a duration of 4 years.
The spin-off of the Politecnico di Milano GRED is part of the project together with Softeco as a technological partner, the University of Bologna, the D’Appolonia SpA and Thetis SpA companies together with qualified partners from 11 European countries.The project, which fits well among the objectives of the climate agreements signed in December 2015 in Paris on the occasion of COP21, intends to create a closer link between the parties that create innovation and their potential users (institutions, communities, businesses, etc.) .) through the development of testing methodologies, the provision of test fields and laboratories, market analysis and analysis of the social impact of innovations and the drafting of business plans for the most deserving innovative proposals.
The qualified presence in the BRIGAID project of the world of research and Italian engineering companies for years engaged at national and international level in the field of environmental technologies, demonstrates how it is possible and successful for the Italian scientific and business world to make “System” in a increasingly complex and competitive market.