At the Polis Conference 2016 held in Rotterdam from November 30 to December 2, the Thinking Cities award was awarded to the city of Madrid for smart mobility solutions implemented within the Project MoveUs Softeco of which was a partner.



M. Masnata (Softeco) e S. Balaguer (EMT Madrid) ritirano il premio ThinkingCities Award per il progetto MOVEUS

The MoveUs project, which ended successfully with the final review held in Genoa on November 24, has allowed Softeco to develop innovative ICT solutions for the management of positive incentives applicable to the world of mobility, energy, health and more.

The ICT platform that encompasses these solutions, called myEPPI (Enhanced Platform For Positive Incentives) was presented at the exhibition stand of Softeco precisely during the Polis Conference, which saw the participation of more than 450 mobility professionals from across Europe and beyond to discuss mobility Urban and Regional (final press release:—polis-conference.pdf).

During the different sessions, it became clear that positive incentive in the different areas of mobility (and beyond) is a well-established and proven tendency to favor an attitude to change their habits towards more sustainable choices.

For more information on myEPPI: