On March 26th Softeco participates as a speaker in the seminar “Ancillary Service Market (MSD) from Mixed Enable Virtual Units (UVAM) to BSP: market evolution and opportunities for operators” organized by Ailux in collaboration with Aiget (Italian Association of Energy Wholesalers and Traders).

The topic of the event is focused on the redundant aggregation architecture for UVAM for participation in the Ancillary Services Market (MSD) and on the role of the Balance Service Provider (BSP).

Softeco is in line with the theme of the day through the Libra solution, the system able to allow the BSP the optimal dispatching and the formulation of the best offer for the MSD.

Libra is the scalable and modular platform for the management of BSP operational processes: field measurements, communication with TSO, load / production modulation, offers on the MSD market, accounting.

Scalability allows Libra to adapt to every need: from the single consumption / production plant to many UVAs with dozens of plants. The system offers support to the operator through specific modules in all phases of the MSD, flexible scheduling for the management of modulation availability during the day and in the week, advanced statistical analysis of the PBS activity and the response of the systems to dispatching requests .

The seminar will be attended by Gianni Viano – Softeco’s Chief Technical Officer – with his speech on “BSP: role and opportunities”.