GeoGuard is a continuous geodetic and environmental monitoring system used both for the monitoring of movements (infrastructures and natural elements) and for weather monitoring. In the context of weather monitoring, GeoGuard participates in the LAMPO project.

LAMPO – Lombardy-based Advanced Meteorological Predictions and Observations – is a project based in Lombardy and developed by the Polytechnic University of Milan in collaboration with GReD, with the GEOlab Geomatics and Observation Laboratory, ARPA Lombardia and the Polytechnic Foundation of Milan. The project is financed by the Cariplo Foundation.

The use of GeoGuard for weather monitoring allows to calculate the quantity of water vapor in the lower layer of the atmosphere, allowing to improve the short-term forecasts of precipitation, and in particular of extraordinary weather events like cloudbursts.

LAMPO will collect data through nine GeoGuard stations, based on GPS/GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) technology, located in Lombardy region, northern Italy. GeoGuard provides the hardware, software and cloud tools for the collection and management of data, useful for the prediction and prevention of possible damage caused by atypical weather events that can lead to phenomena such as flooding.

LAMPO aims to support systems already in use, allowing to reduce costs and increase the number of surveys: to date, in fact, the collection of this type of data is carried out by radiosondes, that are weather balloons launched twice a day by few Italian airports, operation of significant economic impact.