On November 9th the Bits&Energy event organized by Softeco and TerniEnergia took place, which registered an excellent number of participants.

The day opened with the institutional greetings of the mayor of Genoa Marco Bucci and the president of the Liguria region Giovanni Toti. Mayor Bucci underlined the importance of the high-tech sector in the economy of Genoa, a city that has always been oriented towards innovation. He also stated that the administration aims to increase the presence of companies in the field of HighTech, through a policy of simplification of bureaucratic procedures and a plan to reduce taxes and allowances on hiring. Even the president Toti – present despite the numerous commitments of these days excited for our region – has held to express his appreciation for the type of initiative and for the innovation sector, wishing our company a prosperous future.

The intervention of Giovanni Mondini – President of Confindustria Genova – was also incisive. He spoke about the transformations necessary to adapt to the change in the market and the importance of matching between universities and companies to correctly train the future working class.

The workshop focused on the revolution that digital technologies are bringing to the energy world: the Digital Energy. To deepen the theme there were four speakers on stage. The first intervention in this regard was that of Marcello Capra (Delegate SET Plan | Ministry of Economic Development) who illustrated the critical aspects of the process of digitizing energy and how to realize the digital revolution. Process that is applied in three main areas: smart grids, storage systems, home automation and demand side management. The digital revolution in these areas must address the integration of new technologies in electricity networks, ensure the resilience of these networks through the use of ad hoc digital applications and promote an industrial policy oriented towards the digitalization of energy.

Laura Bizzarri (CEO of Softeco) illustrated the role of Softeco in Digital Energy and its transformation path to become the country’s first Smart Energy Company. We are going through a period of change, characterized by new needs caused on the one hand by the scarce resources and raw materials available, and on the other by the integration between environmental policies and sustainability with industrial growth: digital is the push that can put together these souls at first sight so discordant. Softeco and TerniEnergia try to intercept these needs by synergistically working on the skills acquired in the energy sector both on the IT side and on the production side, proposing solutions concerning the issues of energy efficiency, mobility and the utilities sector, without forget the importance of research and strategic partnerships.

We then moved on to the third speaker, Marco Carta (Managing Director of Agici | OIR Renewable Observatory): after a brief introduction on the energy transition – driven by a change in demand and the entry of new players into the market – we moved on to analyze the characteristics of digital in the energy supply chain. The IoT is influencing every phase of the supply chain, making new processes possible or improving them and enabling new services in distributed generation. Digital allows enabling and aggregating subjects such as small power plants and allowing them to access the large network. It also impacts on the network system (with the creation of smart grids) and on the consumption of electricity – with consumers becoming prosumer – and with a more precise profiling of energy use. Digitization also allows more efficient management and maintenance of electrical utilities, independent power producers, distributors and aggregators. In conclusion, some practical case studies were presented on these new business models.

Last but not least, the speech by Paolo Verna (Founding Partner EnVent Capital Markets Ltd) who analyzed the role of digital transformation in the world of finance. In this case, the digital revolution passes through the creation of artificial intelligence (robo-advisor) able to manage the decision-making processes and the management of investors’ assets. Today, in order to make the right investments, you need to have the right data at the right time and have the ability to interpret them correctly: technology meets these needs with the development of robo-advisors. Basically, these are algorithms that process information based on the inputs provided (investor profile, available capital, type of risk, etc.) adapt the user’s portfolio and provide investment advice. These AIs are also accessible to small investors because they are low-cost and easy to use, and they also give visibility to small businesses that would lose themselves in higher capital investment by making all the data needed by investors available in a simple way.

At the end of the event, the Chairman Stefano Neri spoke, illustrating the new industrial and operational tour that will lead to the rationalization of the Group through the use of the Photovoltaic and CleanTech business units and the merger by incorporation of Softeco into TerniEnergia. Digital transformation is a valid opportunity for the future of our Group, although very ambitious. The IT sector has developed an important role in the energy economy: the merger of our two companies brings these two realities – energy sector and IT sector – to the creation of a landing platform for many other subjects, even smaller ones, with a consequent increase in attractiveness towards possible new investors and a push towards internationalization. A challenging operation in which TerniEnergia and Softeco firmly believe, aware of possessing all the tools and the potential to be able to achieve it.


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