Softeco participates in Genoa Smart Week ( on Thursday, November 23 at Palazzo Tursi, Genoa.

The PODCAST project will be presented: Electric distribution optimization platform using data from electronic counters and accumulation systems distributed by Ing. Stefano Bianchi, Softeco Sismat and Ing.Stefano Massucco, Delegate of the Rector for Energy Saving Ateneo – DITEN, University of Genoa


Genoa Smart Week is the week of events, meetings and initiatives dedicated to Smart City, promoted and organized by the Association Genova Smart City and the City of Genoa, with the technical support of Clickutility Team.

The event, as it came to its third edition, looks like an international meeting table on issues of the development of an innovative and livable city. The aim is to be a collector of the good practices that companies and institutions are experiencing in the area of ​​sustainable development of the territories and analyze technology tools and not for the creation of a smart and human-sized city. The week offers moments of encounter and confrontation between the city and businesses and local authorities; between the city and its citizens; between Genoa and international guests who will come to Genoa from the United States and other countries for the occasion; between Genoa and the representatives of government and European bodies