On the final day of the Genoa Smart Week (http://www.genovasmartweek.it/), during the workshop ‘Incentives for behavioral changes in Mobility‘, Softeco Sismat presented some innovative solutions for the implementation of incentive schemes in the field of sustainable urban mobility.

Incentives (also called, in this context, “positive incentives” to differentiate them from restrictive policies) represents a promising solution to promote behavioral changes in the Urban Mobility but the areas of application can be different. The nature itself of the incentives (monetary, social, etc.) and the “rules” which define how they are assigned may present a considerable variability.

Given these requirements of flexibility and the goal to propose an innovative ICT solution, Softeco Sismat, together with the company Quaeryon and the Municipality of Genoa, has developed a comprehensive system for the management of incentives, applicable both to the domain of transport and to other areas (such as the management of municipal waste or energy consumption in general).

The flexibility of the basic conceptual model, developed by the three partners during the European MoveUs project (http://www.moveus-project.eu/) can significantly automate incentive schemes through the use of complete and custom ICT tools for the citizens and the operators.

Softeco, along with Quaeryon and the Municipality of Genoa is entering into an agreement for the registration of the joint intellectual protection of the results which is the first step of further development and exploitation of innovation, not necessarily limited to the industry of sustainable mobility.