The e-Scale research project will study, develop and validate innovative solutions for BSPs in the operational field, which allow the flexible and optimal management of Virtual Power Plant (VPP) through generation, consumption and storage systems – which in Italy take the form of UVAM (Mixed Enabled Virtual Units) – increasing the use of renewable resources and reducing costs for the community

The supply of services to the electricity system through aggregation is one of the main ways to concretely support the growth of generation from renewable sources, increasing the flexibility of the electricity system, as required by recent developments in European and Italian legislation.

The participation of Roma Gas & Power in the project will have a strategic function. The presence of a market operator will allow, in fact, to validate the solutions in a concrete operating context, allowing rapid access to the next phase of industrialization and marketing.

The e-Scale project is co-financed by the Lazio Region for a total sum of 258,000 euros, of which 138,000 euros as part of the activities carried out by Softeco, which is the leader of a team comprising Roma Gas & Power and the University of Cassino and Southern Lazio.

For more info read the press release issued by TerniEnergia.