The issue of Cyber Security is a hot topic: in a period in which the number of cyber attacks is exponentially increasing, it is very important to spread the culture of “cyber security” both in companies and at private citizens. It is fundamental not to underestimate the risk of not being adequately protected with technologically advanced solutions. It is therefore necessary to keep up with the news in the field of security.

Anything connected to a network, whether public or private, is potentially vulnerable: Servers, Personal Computers, Smartphones, Tablets, Weareable Devices, IoT, etc. Cyber ​​attacks mainly aim at the subtraction of sensitive data for the purpose of using them for offenses and/or to obtain ransom (generally paid in Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency used in the dark-web) or are of type DDos (Acronym of Distributed Denial of Service) o DoS (Denial of Service). Today e-mail is one of the main vehicles for the spread of malware that, if unleashed, can block a company in a very short time with enormous economic damage.

In this panorama, our company wants to distinguish itself as a reliable reference, proposing solutions based on the SonicWall ecosystem that embraces the world of Cyber ​​Security at 360 degrees. At Softeco we were one of the first to believe in SonicWall solutions, adopting its philosophy and logic since 2006. We currently not only use SonicWall in all our offices, but as partners, we have started to offer their solutions to our customers offering, thanks to the long experience of use in the field and the certifications obtained, a complete service: from the study of the ad hoc solution to the sale, from the installation to the configuration, management and maintenance of the entire system.

By developing products and solutions for the whole energy supply chain, we consider safety as our priority, which is why SonicWall systems are the natural completion of our offer.

Mauro Porrati, account manager, follows SonicWall’s policy of continuing education, and has obtained the certifications of CSSA (Certified SonicWall Security Administrator), CSSP (Certified Sonicwall Security Professional) for the technical part and Sales Accreditation Curriculum for the part of services at the customer, thus consolidating the company skills for the optimization of the customer’s ICT infrastructure and to guarantee advanced threat protection.

The goal for 2019 is to consolidate and increase the level of partnership with Sonicwall, to provide our customers with the guarantee of continuous updating and an increasing competence.