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Energy & Gas Retail is the suite dedicated to the management of trading, opening, control and billing of all types of contracts for the supply of electricity and gas, specifically designed for the free market.

The system is highly flexible, allowing to manage the different consumption data formats coming from various distributors,  to cover all the different contract typologies and to implement the continuous regulatory changes.

The product is based on a modular architecture, which provides a variety of interfaces that can automate the  information  exchange with the different actors of the energy market.


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Back office



System parameters configuration management module (time slots, electrical areas, billing  parameters, charges, taxes, transport tariff options, IP profiles, automatic acquisition of PUN, etc.).

Parameters constant update and alignment to regulations is handled by Softeco

Registry Management

Registry management of Customers, sites, suppliers, gauges technical data, cadastral data, UTF data, etc.

The database management is common to EE and Gas.

Data Management

Base level Data Management module for the management of load profiles and monthly measures (measures loading from external files, displaying load curves, acquisition of data transport provided by Distributors, export to the billing system).

Gas Manager

Module for configuring all the necessary parameters for managing gas billing and loading and control of consumptions


Calculation engines for generation of electricity and gas invoices.


Technical Interfaces


ADT (Transport  Data Acquisition)

Advanced level Data Management module for the management of Curves, Not Hourly Readings and Transport Bills coming from distributors.

Availability of  functionalities for  manual and automatic massive data loading, data validation by means of a large set of configurable controls and export using the “best data”.

Unified formats management, according to Resolution no. 65/2012


Operations Interfaces


Distributors Interface

Module for handling Resolution 333 requests, configurable to different modes of data exchange. The module allows the creation of requests directed to Local Distributors (Activations, Switching, Contract transfers, Payments arrearage, …) and the response flows import.

Mailing Interface

Module for documents preparation and submission as specified by the service provider. This module is already integrated with leading Italian providers specifications.

Accounting Interface

Module for the Management of data flows to and from the Customer’s accounting system. Already integrated with some of the main products on the market.

Sales Force Automation (SFA)

Module for managing the sales force (SFA). Has two access options: from the back office, for the management of personal data of agencies/agents, commission calculations, etc. and from web, with controlled access agents reserved area, customer status report (consumptions, invoiced, payments), earned commissions reports and pre-bill download/print, new contract proposal creation, etc.


Customers Interfaces


Customers Portal

Customers dedicated Web portal, with a reserved area for general information and consumption and billing reporting. It is possible to download EE and GAS invoices in PDF format, to display load curves and to build customized reports.

Contracts booking

Module for public access to the contract proposals acceptance forms. Has two access options: from the back office for the validation of the proposed customer contract and the start of the operational workflow, and from web, with a public area for potential customers, the creation of new “contract proposal”, etc.

Front Office (CRM)

Module dedicated to the front end operators for managing contacts with customers. Designed to provide an overview of information related to Customer/Site/Contract, with the option to access detailed views. Ticketing management of telephone calls, emails, documents. Reporting and statistics.


Institutional entities Interfaces


UTF management

Customs Agencies interface management module (formerly UTF, Technical Department of Finance) for EE and Gas. Provides the management of  installment payments/installments updates and cash adjustments, the management of annual consumption statement , with “.dic” files creation for electronic transmission.

Integrated Information System

SII’s Single Buyer interface management module. Interface with PDC provided by the Single Buyer. Flows generation, response flows import, practices status change management.

AEEG Interface

Authority for Electricity and Gas data exchange interface module. Quarterly reports management (average prices for the supply of electricity to end-customers), yearly reports management (Sales and Total sales to residential and non-domestic customers, Power Exchange buyings and other acquisitions, etc.)


Specialized add-on Modules



Module that allows to implement the interface with the banking system, managing the movements (administration of receipts/payments, reminders, etc.).

Integrated with the mailing form (requires as an input the payments flow from accounting).


Module with specific functionality of consumption forecast, to be applied in the electricity supply analysis phase (aggregates forecasting definition, integration of custom algorithms, Load Profile and IP profiles management, export functionalities, etc.).

It is possible to integrate the “Weather Forecast” variables in the algorithms.

Price Manager

Calculation engine for indexes creation and price formulas composition, starting from the definition of the basic elements (raw materials price,  currency exchange rates, sources/forecasts, …)

Analysis and Reporting

Module that meets suite user’s analytical needs. The solution is based on the QlikView product, the Business Discovery applications market leader, of which Softeco is a solution provider.

Alternatively thematic Datamart are provided, with the necessary “views” on the data, for integration with customer’s business intelligence systems.