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Nato a Terni il 20 gennaio 1969, è iscritto all'Ordine dei Giornalisti. E' responsabile delle Relazioni esterne e della Comunicazione Corporate di Softeco Sismat, del Gruppo TerniEnergia e del Gruppo Italeaf. Dal 1990 ha ricoperto il ruolo di redattore, copy editor e collaboratore per molti giornali, riviste e tv private. Ha conseguito numerose certificazioni di formazione professionale in materia di comunicazione istituzionale, investor relations e management aziendale.

Ferries to Sicily: the first Caronte & Tourist terminal is completed

By |2019-10-10T11:18:25+02:0010.10.19|Green Mobility, Highlights|

New important result for Softeco in the field of e-mobility and transport digitalization. And a further recognition of the efficiency of the Adverto supervision platform, multi-role proprietary technology, and the Rtu-GO product line for remote control. In fact, the company completed and put into [...]

With Eccairs 2.0 the security of the skies becomes European

By |2019-10-10T11:10:56+02:0023.09.19|Green Mobility, News|

The upgrade of the ECCAIRS platform for the analysis of air transport accident rates developed by Softeco Sismat, which the EU Commission has decided to entrust to the EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency), starts. A qualitative leap that will still have the digital company [...]

Airport sorting: Softeco technologies and skills at Leonardo’s service

By |2019-08-08T10:06:04+02:007.08.19|News|

Softeco will work alongside Leonardo, the most important global industrial company in high technology, and a key player in sorting (airport sorting) for couriers and airports in Aerospace, Defense and Security. A very significant result for the digital company of the TerniEnergia Group, a [...]

Smart working: the union agreement on “agile work” becomes three-year

By |2019-08-07T08:52:24+02:007.08.19|HR, News|

Experimentation for Softeco workers and management was a success. And now the "agile work" becomes a stable organizational model for the next three years, after the agreement signed recently at the headquarters of Confindustria Genova between the CEO, Laura Bizzarri, management of human resources and [...]

ENAV monitors energy consumption thanks to Energy Retail, the Softeco solution for energy management

By |2019-07-22T09:55:25+02:0022.07.19|Green Enterprise & Cities, News|

ENAV will monitor and analyze the consumption data of the individual sites where the electricity is delivered to the customer (in the energy sector they are referred to as PODs) and those related to the contract entered into with the energy suppliers. This is [...]

Energy saving and sustainable building: strategic agreement with Ecodomus Consortium

By |2019-06-18T13:17:21+02:0018.06.19|Green Enterprise & Cities, Highlights|

Softeco can bring intelligence, innovative solutions and its skills in sectors heavily conditioned by digital transformation such as sustainable construction, energy efficiency, renewable energy, consumption management of public and private buildings. For this reason, the digital company of the TerniEnergia Group has been chosen [...]

Transport innovation, EU Commission renews Softeco’s contract

By |2019-06-13T11:26:25+02:0013.06.19|Green Mobility, Highlights, News|

Innovative mobility and sustainability in transport are among the main focuses of Softeco Sismat's core business. In fact, digital transformation is impacting heavily on all areas of mobility, requiring new and more advanced operational tools and policies. It is therefore essential for the Company [...]

Digital and solar O&M, towards new business models and technological solutions

By |2019-06-13T11:29:54+02:0010.05.19|Events, O&M|

“The photovoltaic power generation sector is rapidly changing under the pressure of aggregations, new business models and technological innovations. The transition in progress is leading to a process of superimposition of the activities of Operation and maintenance with higher added value to the purposes of [...]

PV Inspector at the African Energy Week in South Africa with Sundrone

By |2019-05-13T13:41:03+02:0010.05.19|Events, News, O&M|

South Africa is one of the "BRICS" countries where the growth rate of electrification with renewable energies is higher. And it is precisely from South Africa, where the TerniEnergia Group that controls Softeco has created "giant" photovoltaic plants, part of Sundrone's promotion and marketing activity [...]

Softeco pivot of the turnaround of the TerniEnergia Group

By |2019-03-26T08:41:13+01:0026.03.19|Highlights, News, Strategy, TerniEnergia|

The chairman of TerniEnergia and Softeco, Stefano Neri, has entrusted a speech hosted on the website of the parent company some reflections on the future of the energy sector and on the contents of the Plan for the recovery and relaunch of the Group, [...]

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