2 April at 17.00, at Palazzo Ducale in Genoa, we will talk about Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, with the seminar “Not only theory: AI / ML for your company”. Softeco will participate in the conference with the project developed in collaboration with the AMIUsmartLab.

The themes of artificial intelligence and machine learning play an important role in the digital transformation that we are experiencing and find application in various sectors, such as in the field of production or in the public administration, in the entertainment sector. in cybersecurity or environmental protection.

The machine learns, as does the human mind, from the previous experience, preparing to respond to the events of the immediate future: computer scientists have applied this principle to computers, which recreating a system of neural chains gives birth to artificial intelligence.

The Softeco team led by Giorgio Spreafico, working synergistically with the AMIUsmartLab, has created a predictive model based on IA-ML for the study of leachate levels in the landfill tanks.

The results will be presented during the event.