Design and Production of Innovative Software Solutions for Industry and Services

Softeco Sismat has a long tradition in the use of methodologies and tools for software development, thanks to the  direct participation in large and significant innovative impact national and international projects.

The formalization of the organizational and procedural aspects led to the first draft of the Quality Manual since 1993, and gradually to the full definition and implementation of the entire Quality System.

This experience has allowed us to grow in the awareness that Quality is an essential value in the production process of software solutions.

Quality is therefore an integral part of Softeco Sismat corporate vision, which has always been oriented to customer needs and continuous improvement, and pays special attention to the training and retraining of its technicians.

The Company Quality System is certified to UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008 by CSQ, for the activities of “Design and Production of Innovative Software Solutions for Industry and Services”

Softeco is a memeber of IEC TC57 (Power systems management and associated information exchange), WG3 (Telecontrol protocols) and WG15 (Data and communication security) since 2015.

Softeco actively participates in the WG15 sessions and the standardization activities of cyber security for the remote control systems of power generation, transmission and distribution.

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