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October 2019

October 2018

A new brand tells the identity of Softeco

The new identity transmits and continues the integration with the values ​​of the TerniEnergia Group and the constant commitment to customers and stakeholders Following the acquisition by the TerniEnergia Group, which took place in 2016, Softeco today introduced a new logo and a new visual identity, to communicate the positioning of the company as a [...]

October 2016


31 October 2016: Softeco Sismat entered the TerniEnergia Group, smart energy company active in the areas of renewable energy, energy efficiency, waste and energy management, listed on the Star segment of the Italian Stock Exchange and the Group Italeaf.

July 2013


In 2013 is established the Proteco consortium, made by the following companies: Softeco Sismat, Selesoft, Itaco, Proxy and Technovo. Purpose of Proteco is to increase the elements of synergy and mutual reinforcement in the market of  the consortium companies, according to their business plans and with strategic autonomy, to provide solutions in the world of Energy, Transport, Telecommunications and in the Smart environment.

December 2010

November 2009

Fund AVM Private Equity

At the end of 2009, AVM, a primary Private Equity fund, acquires 75% of Softeco Sismat. The company continues to be run by the previous management that maintains a 25% share of the company.

February 2009

The third office: Catania

In 2009, following significant relationships with the University and the Territory, the company open an office in Catania.

June 2005

New skills

In 2005 the company acquire new skills and address also the Finance market.

August 2004

March 2002

Energy Retail

In 2002 is established the Energy Retail division for the management of the energy sales process and the interface with the market and the energy exchange.

October 2000

Softeco continues to grow

In 2000 Softeco Sismat continues to operate mainly in the Remote Monitoring and Information Technology for the energy, transport and telecommunications markets, reaching the workforce of 100 people with a turnover of 19 billion lire. The company counts among its customers large consolidated market players such as: Elsag, Ansaldo, Rina, Agip, ABB, the European Commission, Marconi, Esaote, Magneti Marelli.

September 1996

Mobility and Transport

In 1996 the Mobility and Transport division for urban traffic management, is established.

July 1994

Research and Innovation

In 1994 the Research and Innovation division, which today employs 10% of the company’s resources, is established.

May 1990

First successes

The merger has enabled to successfully overcome the global crisis of the early 90s, bringing the company to a revenue growth of up to 4.6 billion lire and a staff of 60 people.

July 1989

Softeco Sismat

From the need to embrace a global market and provide an increasingly comprehensive offer, in 1989 the two companies merge in the actual Softeco Sismat company.

September 1984

April 1982

Foundation of the Sismat company

In 1982 by Ing. Ugo Moretto was founded Sismat, company operating in the field of industrial process control for Mission Critical projects, working for customers such as Ansaldo and Ispra JRC

July 1979

Foundation of the Softeco company

In 1979 by Eng. Bruno Melagrano was founded Softeco, a company operating in the field of accounting  and production control for large customers such as Falk steelworks and Ispra JRC .