Softeco – a company of the TerniEnergia group – is the ideal partner to enable digital transformation by innovative technological solutions, high performance and high sustainability content. 

The 300 employees and collaborators, located in 6 company offices in Italy, form a proactive and enterprising community, able to see today what will be. Community that every day operates driven by the ambition to build ever more profitable relationships with clients and partners who intend to promote new ways of living and working. 

Softeco operates in compliance with the highest standards of transparency and quality and is a recognized leader in Digital Energy, integrating the industrial history of TerniEnergia with IT solutions for energy, mobility, transport, smart cities. Thanks to the experience built since 1979 and to the advanced technological and process skills, Softeco is able to shape innovation, making it functional to customer requests. 

The three main sectors of activity in which Softeco is organized: 

  • Softeco simplifies the management of the entire life cycle of the energy supply chain, offering products and services for utility and aggregators: from control and maintenance systems for the production of energy from renewable sources, to the management of the sales cycle, passing through the microgrid and the digitalization of electricity transmission and distribution networks. Softeco guarantees the physical and IT security of critical energy infrastructures.
  • Softeco introduces the “smart” component in the company and in the city, offering solutions for the flexible and optimized management of energy consumption. It is the ideal partner for those who have critical needs for the design, construction and management of microgrids, railway networks, environmental plants or water networks, of which it also guarantees physical and IT security.
  • For green mobility, Softeco offers a suite of solutions for the management, planning and use of intermodal mobility, integrating local, fixed and on-call public transport, private, public or shared fleets, roadside assistance and port terminals. Softeco guarantees the physical and IT security of critical road networks and realizes microgrid and electric mobility systems at the service of an increasingly electrified, digital, connected and sustainable mobility of people and goods. 

Core Values

Softeco: Simply your tech solutions.

VISION: We help players to shape their next digital energy, we bring cities to move smarter, we guide industry to boost the digital transformation, we drive community towards a digital habitat.

MISSION: With technologies we shape solutions that simplify the complexity of your digital process. You simply do your job, we take care of the tech behind.



Code of Ethics

The Board of Directors of Softeco:

I.- On 19/08/2008 resolved to approve the Code of Business Ethics and the Organizational Model and Control System (pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 231/2001).

II.-On 10/12/2012 approved the M.O.G. (Model of organization, management and control pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 231/2001) update, and entrusted to a Supervisory Body (according to Decree no. 231/2001, art. 6 c.4) the task of supervising the operation and compliance with the models, and their updating (External Committee for Control and Supervision).

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