Softeco, founded in 1979, is a leader in the Information and Communication Technology market.

Exploiting the full potential offered by Information & Communication Technology, the company delivers innovative solutions for the development of the business of its customers.

Softeco implements industrial and IT projects through the integration of systems, products, technologies and networks, together with technical and organizational consulting, specialized services and training .

A distinctive feature of the Company is the substantial investment in Research and Innovation. Long Term and steady participation in EU projects and an high number of international science and technology collaborations, are the keys for the development of Innovative Products and for the transformation of innovation into business solutions.

The Company operates in the fields of energy, transport, telecommunications, finance, and the whole market of industry with its solutions and services. On the market for over 35 years, Softeco has earned the trust of hundreds of customers and is partner of some of the major Italian and International players.

31 October 2016 Softeco entered the TerniEnergia Group, smart company listed on MTA of the Italian Stock Exchange and the Group Italeaf.
With this acquisition Softeco can thus integrate their technology skills with those of TerniEnergia plant technology to achieve new and advanced systems and a new portfolio of products. The company further strengthened, is on the market as a player of international standing, in the most promising sectors of the energy industry, renewable energy, smartgrid, SmartCity, ITS, IOT.

In the Softeco Genoa, Milan, Naples and Catania offices, there are about 250 people, of which over 60% are scientific and technical disciplines graduate.

By recognizing that the most important assets of an ICT company are its human resources, the Company has a constant attention to training, that involves all the Softeco staff (managers, technicians and administrative), with programs focused on technologies, methodologies, quality and management skills.

Core Values

Softeco: Simply your tech solutions.

VISION: We help players to shape their next digital energy, we bring cities to move smarter, we guide industry to boost the digital transformation, we drive community towards a digital habitat.

MISSION: With technologies we shape solutions that simplify the complexity of your digital process. You simply do your job, we take care of the tech behind.



Code of Ethics

The Board of Directors of Softeco:

I.- On 19/08/2008 resolved to approve the Code of Business Ethics and the Organizational Model and Control System (pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 231/2001).

II.-On 10/12/2012 approved the M.O.G. (Model of organization, management and control pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 231/2001) update, and entrusted to a Supervisory Body (according to Decree no. 231/2001, art. 6 c.4) the task of supervising the operation and compliance with the models, and their updating (External Committee for Control and Supervision).