TerniEnergia will donate to the Region Umbria 200 Geoguard systems, developed by Proteco Consortium (of which Softeco Sismat and TerniEnergia part) and Gred, for the prevention of seismic risk of critical infrastructure, following the earthquake that hit central Italy.
As part of corporate social responsibility fielded from Nera Montoro company, it has plans to set up a research and development center in Umbria on critical infrastructure security, the prevention of natural hazards and their control.
Stefano Neri, President of TerniEnergia  took the commitment to deliver the related services for two years free of charge, for solidarity with the earthquake-affected areas. The decision was announced in Milan during the event “Smarter solutions for tomorrow” and communicated directly alderman to the economic development of Umbria Region, Fabio Paparelli, present at the workshop.

The Geoguard system provides accurate measurements and continuous movements and deformations of the infrastructure and to prevent hazards and reduce risks, in particular in the following areas:

  • Transport, such as bridges, airports, ports and railways;
  • Distribution of water, such as water tanks and pipelines;
  • telecommunication infrastructure, such as backups for the data transmission, mobile communications and broadcasting;
  • Defense, as systems and infrastructure for radio and radar;
  • Energy, such as dams for hydroelectric power stations, electricity pylons, wind turbines;
  • Transportation and storage of hydrocarbons;
  • cultural heritage and stadiums;
  • or subsidence of the ground lifting due to natural phenomena or due to production activities such as the production or storage of hydrocarbons;
  • landslides;
  • floods;
  • extreme weather events

GeoGuard includes  activity and systems, designed for the development of tailored solutions in different application scenarios, for precision positioning with an accuracy of centimeters in almost real time, and the millimeter for daily or sub-daily monitoring.

In particular, GeoGuard includes:

  • the preliminary activities of the site inspection to be monitored in order to design the most suitable solution to individual needs;
  • the installation of the sensor network, composed by GeoGuard monitoring unit, configured according to the characteristics of the site;
  • the connection between the network of sensors and the GeoGuard Cloud for the data transfer;
  • GeoGuard the Cloud for the collection of data acquired through the network of sensors and their processing. The position data thus calculated, together with other information management nature, are made available to the customer;
  • service help desk online, to provide customer service;
  • professional services to design, implement, and maintain custom solutions to meet specific customer requirements.

For more information: www.geoguard.eu