Using the most advanced wireless technologies, Softeco provides transport /access fixed /mobile telecommunications networks design services both for Enterprise market and for central and local Public Administration (PAC /PAL).

Provides consulting and engineering services on emerging architectures and technologies, with particular attention to issues related to the ultra broadband mobile enabled by LTE and the resulting problems of communications securitization.

The distinctive skills and the partnerships with several of the major vendors of technology solutions, provide state-of-art solutions, focused on the technical and economic optimization of our customers plans and objectives.

Solutions portfolio:

  • Radio links (P2P and PMP)
  • Wireless LAN (WiFi 802.11 a / b / g / n)
  • HiperLAN

For the point-multi-point radio links, Softeco proposes the VectraStar product of CBNL (Cambridge Broadband Networks), market leader carrier-class solution and perfect to provide services to the mobile backhaul, enterprise access and small cell networks. The simplicity and flexibility of the solution ensures high scalability of the network to comply with evolving needs.

In the wireless LAN technologies field, Softeco has partnered with Adtran for marketing of the Blusocket vWLAN product, the first and only controller-less solution that separates the traffic plan from the control plan,through the 100% virtualization of the hardware controller. The cloud-based solution provides unrivaled high scalability and unrivaled of WiFi network maintenance.

Through the use of “smart”AP it is possible to move “in cloud” the whole credential and configuration management. Bluesocket vWLAN is the ideal solutions in situations where there is the need to manage a large number of subscribers and/or “federate” many access points geographically scattered.

Through its subsidiary Wistar s.r.l. (authorized internet operator) Softeco offers broadband services with wireless access, covering areas not reached by ADSL landline, using Hiperlan technology in point-to-multipoint, and tourist areas with WiFi technology, directly accessible from PC, tablet and smartphones.

Softeco implements private networks and links for companies and for public administration, designing customized networks and solutions with innovative services over wireless networks.