In the Enterprise market, the availability of a network infrastructure which at the same time presents a high grade of flexibility, security, availability and performance has become a fundamental requirement for the support both of server-based applications and of automation and telecontrol systems.

In particular, the TCP/IP protocol stack is now one of the most widespread communication standard, even in mission critical applications, such as process automation or tele-control/monitoring, where until few years ago serial interface based data communication was the only viable solution.

Also in applications more related to Unified Communication and Collaboration (UCC) concepts, the TCP/IP stack is the de facto standard, making it pervasive not only in the telecom sector, but also in the industrial one.

Softeco has a long experience in the networking and network infrastructure business in the enterprise sector, involving projects with high degree of complexity both from a technological and a topological point of view (up to thousands of work sites). To get this objective we exploit the experience of our consultants, gained with a continuous knowledge update process on new technologies and products from main vendors, which allowed us to become one of the player recognized on the national and international market.

With the cross-fertilization ability derived from our presence in energy&utility and TLC/networking markets, Softeco is able to cope with networking projects in the industrial sector for control and automation system support, competing with major recognized vendors in this business sector.

In all these contexts, one of the aspects that requires the highest attention both during the design and the technological scouting phase for products and applications is security. Softeco was one of the first companies to focus on this topic, introducing in Italy technologically advanced Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) products and becoming the reference vendor for the telecom sector.