Softeco Sismat  has extensive experience in the supply and  maintenance of mobile solutions. We can guarantee  to Customers a business-oriented approach and  value creation  in providing the following services:

  • Design and Consultancy
  • Project Management and Integration

Design and Consultancy

Planning and consultancy  are part of the integrated services portfolio of the company. With skilled  and experienced resources in telecommunications field, Softeco Sismat is able to offer complete outsourcing of projects, from concept to specification, design, development, project management, and implementation, or part of it.

The specialists have many years of experience in research and development, design and implementation of Mobile solutions.

They use the programming languages ​​and the frameworks  used for application development on Android, Windows Phone, IoS  platforms, and continuously follow this changing market and the related new technologies.

Softeco Sismat has successfully completed a large number of projects involving various features, including:

  • Mobile payment and top-up
  • Mobile security
  • Mobile content
  • Multimodal Real Time Traffic and Travel
  • Mobile Information services
  • Unified Communication gateway
  • Device management
  • Security Access Control
  • NFC (Near Field Communication) payment

Project Management and Integration

The company is able to support the customer during the project management phase and for the integration with legacy systems. Project managers are part of the process of research and development:  this ensures the knowledge of the products and of the new technologies and they are able to manage not only the delivery and the integration of the implemented solutions, but also  the support in the evolution phases of the system, to ensure the continuity of  features.

Softeco Sismat, thanks to the collaboration with technology partners and national and international research organizations  like the Politecnico di Milano, can provide support and advice both purely technology  and oriented to the usability and accessibility by users, a requirement that,  for mobile applications delivered  on platforms with reduced screens and performance, is of fundamental importance.