Research & Innovation

researchInnovation and technology leadership are the key factors to ensure competitive growth and market success, and this is the reason why Softeco Sismat invests about 10% of staff resources and annual turnover in Research & Innovation.

Participation in research projects and creation of international science and technology collaborations, are key to the development of high-tech products, as well as prerequisites for transforming innovation into business.

In almost 20 years of activity, thanks to a collaborative network of more than 500 European companies and research centers , Softeco Sismat participated – also as coordinator of the project – to more than 60 research projects in several areas:

Energy & Environment

Research activities include projects funded by the European Commission under the different framework programs – FP3, FP4, FP5, FP6 and FP7 – and other important initiatives, such as, for example, eContent, eContentPlus, eTEN, ICT-PSP, LIFE and LIFE+ programs.

Softeco Sismat is also a major player in national research context and participate in important national and regional initiatives.