• Adverto

    Adverto is a flexible system for supervision, control and intelligent integration of  heterogeneous technology environments. The system is able to […]

  • ESOS

    Esos  is the product developed by Softeco Sismat for energy consumption monitoring and analysis and has the following goals: provide […]

  • Teneo

    Asset Management and the TENEO solution Softeco asset management solutions focus on maintenance planning and management, offering a set of […]

  • Energy&Gas Retail

    Energy & Gas Retail Suite Softeco Sismat has developed and markets the Energy & Gas Retail suite. The product is […]

  • Energy Data Manager

    EDM (Energy Data Manager) is the solution designed for the Energy Manager, for the control of expenditure and the optimized management of the electrical consumption and supply.

  • libra

    Piattaforma scalabile e modulare per la gestione dei processi operativi di Balancing Service Provider.

  • PERSONALBUS .net ® is the  on call public transport services management system, both for of  urban and extra-urban areas, and […]


    PERSONALBUS-SSM® is the system for the design and automatic scheduling of school transport services. It allows to collect and manage […]

  • Personalbus-h

    PERSONALBUS-H® is the solution for the disabled transport service management, both on call and with booking. The introduction of flexible […]

  • opptima-tpl

    OPPTIMA-TPL is the system for scheduled public transport fleets monitoring . OPPTIMA -TPL® modularity enables : real-time and / or […]

  • Car Pooling

    CPManager The system allows to organize and manage Car Pooling services, both individual (such as commuting for a single company […]


    Softeco Sismat  eMIXER multi-channel  platform is able to acquire informations from different area mobility  management, control and supervision systems and […]

  • TSM

    TSM is the system for roadside assistance management. It allows the automatic  management of the entire operating process, in particular: […]


    Fleet control / EasyTrack Softeco Sismat has developed and produce the Fleet Control system EasyTrack. EasyTrack can be used to […]


    eMile eMile system optimizes goods distribution and collection, together with transport and delivery service planning and monitoring, responding in effective manner […]

  • GeoGuard

    GeoGuard is an innovative end-to-end service for the continuous monitoring of critical infrastructure and natural hazards. Social & industrial challenges […]

  • RTU-GO

    RTU-GO hardware technology has been designed by Selesoft Consulting to be highly modular, compact and reliable. The RTU-GO has been […]

  • scada

    The SCADA EMS (Energy Management Systems) are real-time control systems for the operation of electric transmission networks. They perform the […]

  • Load Shedding

    Proteco contributes to the implementation of the control system of the National Transmission Network , providing Terna SpA skills and […]

  • MP48

    Modular hardware technology, reliable and performance competitive.The RTU, based on ITACO-MP48 technology,  is designed to be able to offer products, […]

  • Power Distiller

    Selesoft’s Power Distiller is a product for the supervision and control of  renewable sources and wind power plants based on […]

  • Helios

    Helios is a software product that allows the management and monitoring of photovoltaic systems, in order to analyze and optimize […]

  • Zephyrus

    Zephyrus is a complete solution for Wind Farms monitoring, able to  analyze and optimize renewable sources energy production. Distinctive features […]

  • 4Save

    4Save Software is a “Decision Support System” for Production scheduling and programming. From production control, through operational research, Softeco has […]